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How much should I have tipped a family friend who helped me plan my wedding? She charged me a minimal fee of $700 for day-of services plus pre-wedding day planning. A month before the wedding I gave her a $100 gift card to her favorite home decorating store, I paid $300 for her hotel room, but the part I'm stressed about is the cash tip I left her of $50. I keep thinking that wasn't a very good tip at all if I don't include the gift card and hotel stay (which was not part of her fee, I offered.) Should I give her more money or did I do enough already?

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    If I were her I would have considered the gift card a tip as well as the cost of the room. You wouldn't normally be obligated to pay for her hotel room, so that and the gift card was above and beyond - it's not necessarily the typical kind of tip, but I'm guessing since she's a friend that would be okay? All of that adds up to a really generous tip, so I wouldn't worry. 
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    I think you're more than fine. Don't stress.
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    I think everything you have done is more then enough!
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    Thank you ladies! That really helps put my mind at ease.
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    I think you went above and beyond and were quite generous to her. Don't worry about it!
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