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Guest transportation hotel-church-reception?

We are having a small (40-50) budget wedding in Queens in July. The the hotel, wedding and reception are at different locations; all are accessible by subway, but very inconvenient (not on the same line). We were advised against relying on cabs (our initial plan), but I can't find a bus under $800. They all require min. 5 hours, even if we'd only need them for 2. Can you recommend a cheaper alternative? Thanks so much!

Re: Guest transportation hotel-church-reception?

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    Update: was much cheaper, but not very professional that day. The driver got lost, and what was supposed to be a 15 min trip for my guests from the hotel, took 40 minutes. From the church to the reception place, he got lost again (half an hour trip instead of 15 mins).It's a Queens company; all my locations were in Queens and I supplied the addresses ahead of time - there was no excuse for the delay.
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