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Engagement announcement...

Hey there. Posting this for a friend...

She really wants her engagement announced in our local newspaper. Her mother was supposed to do but has not and keeps making excuses about it.

Is it wrong for me to do it for her or for her to announce herself? If not, what would the wording be like?

Re: Engagement announcement...

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    We announced ours ourselves.  My FI wrote the entire thing up, he used to be a journalist so easy peasy for him.  Then we just submitted it to both our local papers, the one for my town and the one for his town.  Depending on which paper changes the wording of the announcement.  For the groom's town you do his parents announcing the engagement and for the bride's town you do her family, if it's one in the same you choose, we did my side for both.
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    We submitted our annoucement ourselves as well.  There are a zillion ways to word those things, and unless you have an unlimited budget for the announcement, check with the newspaper for pricing before you start drafting your announcement. 

    We went with the standard:
    "Name and Name announce their engagement. She is the daughter of, he is the son of. They are planning an October wedding." 

    I would have loved to beef it up, but that was $75 with a photo. Or you can go with the parents announcing the engagement as the PP said.

     Usually a picture and one short line is free and the cost rises significantly when you start adding lines.
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    I submitted my own engagement announcement. I looked in the local papers for formatting and picked a format and photo we liked. I showed it to my parents beforehand for their approval.
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