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anyone want to see how crazy my FMIL is?

Backstory: Some of you may remember me saying FMIL and FSIL freaked out because I deleted them off facebook. I did this because I was tired of seeing them talk to FI's ex, but meant no harm by it. Anyway, they flipped shiit and decided to cut FI and I out of their lives. Well, I received a message from a friend of mine with this in it. C= ex, T=FMIL, and B=FSIL (17 years old)

C is very curious why she's getting blocked and unblocked, because the "people you may know" thing keeps selling you out. nevertheless creep on.
Saturday at 5:51pm ·
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T Somebody needs to get a life! Jealousy...see that creepers...
Saturday at 6:14pm · 1 person

the best part is the creeper can't get mad, they'll have to unblock me again to see this. therefore proving my point.
Saturday at 6:16pm · 1 person

B I hope that that "person" unblocks this to read this, I LIKE YOU BETTER THAN HER!
Saturday at 11:22pm · 1 person

C haha for the record i did not make or ask you to say that.
Saturday at 11:24pm

B Nope im saying that because who ever has met you then spent 2secs with her would agree with me
Saturday at 11:25pm · 1 person

C haha you crack me up.
Saturday at 11:30pm

T I did raise a rather brilliant daughter didn't I? She gets it and nobody had to "tell" her what to think!
Sunday at 1:13pm · 1 person

C she is brilliant, thats probably like her so much, she isnt your average 17 year old!
Sunday at 2:02pm

BTW: Me "blocking" and "unblocking" her is me accidentally signing into my old facebook. I deleted it and you can reactivate it if you just sign into it again. Anyway, I just wanted to vent. You can see how high school all of this is. 
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