Work Place (who to invite and not invite)

Hi I hope someone can lead me the right way.  I work in a medical setting.  We have 6 of us that work in one area.  Our whole unit is quite large once you count the doctors (each of us work for different ones) and several MA's that work on our unit.

Here are my questions:

In the past there was one woman I was not close with at its better but not perfect.  Another one we are "friends" I guess you could say but not close, we only talk at work.  There are 2 new ones who I really don't want to invite.  There is one I am going to invite that I am close with.  Do I invite them all or just a few?  I have no idea how to handle this.

The other question is my boss.  I had planned on inviting her months ago.  I sent our an email asking for addresses to the people I really wanted to invite.  She never sent me her email.  I don't know if she forgot or just did not want me to invite her.  Not sure what to do in this case.  Ask her again? 

Last question, I work with 2 doctors closely.  One is coming already but the other is pretty busy and I wasn't sure if I should invite her even if I know she will not attend.  Any advice?

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Re: Work Place (who to invite and not invite)

  • Personally I dont feel like you have to invite everyone just bc you work with them. Invite those who you honestly want to be there.

    I work in a close nit group and we are all close. So I am inviting them all. I know they wont all come but I want them to know I would love for them to be there. 
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  • I only invited the girl I hung out with outside of work. And we were an office of 4. 
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  • If you just wanted to exclude one person, I think that would be a bad idea. If you're inviting your boss plus a couple people you're close to, that's fine - you don't have to invite your entire company. As far as the second doctor goes, if you'd like her there then invite her and let her decide if she's too busy to attend.
  • The coworkers thing is hard at times, but I agree with PP that say you should just invite the ones you want. 

    My criteria was have I ever hung out with this person outside of work outside of a HUGE group of work people?  Sometimes the younger employees at my company have big get togethers, so I didn't invite everyone who came to those.

    You are in no way obligated to invite everyone you work with. 
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