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Controlling future father-in-law

Can you give me some advice? We were unsure if he was going to pay for the rehearsal dinner so we set it up and then he said he would pay. We gave him a figure and he was OK with it. Then a few weeks later he got very pushy. He's called the restaurant and talked to them. Thinks he can do it for less. He's gotten pushy with our list and essentially called my family (bride) alcoholics assuming we're going to drink him broke. Which is just plain silly. We sit it up with a limited amount of money on the bar.

Anyway, I'm embarassed that he called the restaurant and the guy I'd already spoken to. And we're not even sure if he's paying. Do I call them back. And if so how should I handlie it. 

Ugh.... this should be a fun few months. :-(
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