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Not having a send off?

We weren't planning on leaving the wedding at any specific time, is not having a send off an etiquette foul? 

Re: Not having a send off?

  • We didn't plan a time to elave either, we just left when we were ready.  There weren't a ton of people left, maybe 50 or 75.  A bunch of people walked out with us and waved as we drove off, but I found out later ILs didn't even know we were leaving until after we were gone.  Oops.
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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Not having a send off? : Damn, FH and I blew that one big time.  We have both been married before and have kids.  Oh well, we can pretend...........
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    Haha oh trust me, while I've never been married before and don't have kids, I am NOT a virgin! <img src="" border="0" alt="Smile" title="Smile" />

    Send offs are lame. Don't do one.
  • We had our photographer take "leaving" pictures towards the end of the reception when a good number of our guests had left - just so we could have them.  We went back to the reception and partied on til the very end.  The crazy people we are - we even stuck around and helped put the gifts and leftover favors and stuff into boxes and onto a cart to load up into the car.  I know it sounds crazy - but it was fun and that's who we are!
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  • We are not having one either. And I think it will be okay. The wedding party and my fiancee and I are all heading out for an after reception party ... So i dont think anyone will be there anyways :)
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