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It's not 2am, but here you go...'s your Christmas snow!

And p.s., are you a Christmas baby?  If so:

Here's a snowman cake for you from a day-after-Christmas kid. :)

Re: Nebb

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    Thank you :) Huge smile on my face over here! That cake looks like a whole lot of deliciousness.

    Seeing as how your birthday is the day after, do you normally get birthday cake? I NEVER do. After I turned 10 or so my mom stopped getting me birthday cakes, and i always spend my birthday with her so ive been deprived! Happy birthday to you the day after tomorrow!
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    edited December 2009
    I'm glad you liked the snow/ cake. :)

    Being born the day after Christmas definitely has its downers, and my mom kinda stopped doing the cake thing once I was a teenager.  I'm not a huge cake lover, so that wasn't so bad - it was more the birthday presents wrapped in Christmas paper that bothered me... like my birthday was an afterthought, I guess (which sounds kinda silly now).

    However, when I was in college, my mom would send Christmas cards all year round, and I loved that.  So it's got ups and downs.

    I'm getting my wedding dress on my birthday this year though, so I'm kiiiinda stoked.

    How do you feel about being a Christmas kid?  I guess everyone remembers when your birthday is, huh? :)
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    p.s. Tomorrow's your 26th?  Same here!  Well, not tomorrow, obviously... but Saturday.
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    Now they do, I kind of inadvertantly drill the point into peoples brains when my birthday is. I spent many years where people either forgot or would say "oooh yeah its your birthday, that must suck!". My mom has always separated my birthday gifts from christmas, she wont let me open them until exactly 1:26pm, which is when I was born. Totally cheesy but thats how she insists it be done!

    Do you really love christmas because your birthday is near it, or do you dislike it because of that? I kind of love the entire season and lump it all together in my mind. This is my favourite time of year.
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    I absolutely love Christmas - everything about it.  For example, the minute it's socially acceptable to listen to Christmas music, it's on.  Not sure if it has anything to do w/ my birthday being so close to Christmas, but it's possible.  Must be in the blood.

    (However, after New Years is over, I do nothing but wish for Spring and Summer... so go figure.)
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    I feel the same way about christmas music. I sadly started listening to some before halloween came around this year, in private so that I wouldnt get made fun of. I started planning christmas gifts and stuff back in August. I like to get started early.

    Im in Canada, we know were stuck with crappy weather until late april. Theres no getting away from it :(
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    Philadelphia will likely have crappy-ish weather 'til April or so too, so no worries.  Just wishful thinking.

    What's your favorite Christmas song(s)?  If this was in a thread earlier, I apologize... but I'm too lazy to catch up. :)
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    I actually havnt answered christmas related threads in a while, i was so gungho earlier (mid november ish?) that i lost interest in answering the polls. My favourite song is a christmas song sung by Nat King Cole. But I love any christmas song sung by him, Bing Crosby or frank sinatra. It just sounds classic to me. I also love the hippo song!

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    Gotta love the classics.  I'm a big fan of Happy Christmas (War is Over) and Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - the Judy Garland version (even though it sounds so sad).

    My favorites though - slightly embarrassing - are from "Christmas Eve on Sesame Street".  I used to watch it obsessively during Christmas time, and so two songs from it are my favorites - Keep Christmas with You and True Blue Miracle.  Love love love them.  People never know what I'm talking about when I mention them, but I don't mind.

    I might be back a little later, but I'm staring at a collection of unwrapped presents and unsigned cards... so it's wrapping time for me.  If I don't get to tell you later, have a very happy Christmas and a very merry birthday. :)
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    I love love love have yourself a merry little christmas, it is in Meet me in St. Louis (the movie) and I always tear up when she sings it, its my favourite part of the movie. Im really lame like that.

    Me thinks me and you are on the same christmas wavelength!

    Merry christmas to you and happy early birthday :) Have a good one.
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