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location suggestion in 100 mi radius?

Hi Girls,I'm looking to do a budget outdoor wedding. I'm imagining it all in one place, under tents, catered and open bar. We found a winery we really liked but they only serve their own wine - no spirits, which is an issue with my Russian relatives. We live in Jersey City and are considering anything within a 100 mile radius. Any suggestions are welcome. I have an open mind. thank you so much!Melinda

Re: location suggestion in 100 mi radius?

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    Hi!Have you looked at Alba Vineyard? I did not visit but from the images and such it looks really nice! [ok, never mind I Just checked the info they sent me, no other alcoholic beverages allowed] Millbrook Wines [ ], Benmarl Winery [ ] and West Park, which is no longer a winery but more of a glorified catering hall that exists on what use to be a vineyard [] are all within the 100 mile radius from Jersey City. Although we did not choose them because it wasn't the place for us. But if you want more info just email me at jwwedding2010 at gmail dot com.Some other places that I got info about but never looked too deep into:Grand Cascades Lodge Perona Farms I really liked this place online but they are too far out for us. It's only 50 miles from Jersey City.And here's a list of all of NJ Wineries, I didn't look too much into this bc Alba was the closest one to NYC. But the others might be closer for you. just a tip that I learned through looking at vineyards, when looking for one make sure they have a "vineyard" and aren't just a winery. A winery is just the building for tasting. A vineyard typically has all the rows of grapevines on site with a wine tasting building. Good Luck! We really wanted to have a vineyard wedding as well but the ones in Hudson Valley (the first 3 I gave you) were not to our liking and the ones in LI were just way too expensive for us.If you want further information about any of these places just email me bc I have all the pricing info and more indepth info on Millbrook and Benmarl.
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