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Marina del Rey - Photo Ops nearby?

I'm getting married in CT and then having my reception in the Bronx, at Marina del Rey.  I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for where to take photographs with the wedding party.  We'd like to head down towards the Bronx so we're close to the reception and beat the traffic.Please help! :)

Re: Marina del Rey - Photo Ops nearby?

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    Their grounds and the view of the Whitestone Bridge is beautiful!  Can't you just use their grounds?  Get there an hour or so early to take pics.  Check with them on that.  They may not have a bridal suite redy for you but I'm sure you can use their location as a backdrop. Also in the Bronx is the NY Botanical Gardens - not sure how close but that could work.  Call to see if they charge a fee and of course across the street from the Gardens is the Bronx Zoo, could be interesting. and if you're a yankee fan - why not?  You're in the Bronx!!!!
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    Hi,I've been going nuts trying to find a place for my reception.  I've looked everywhere and was even contemplating having it in NJ.  But, I am so glad I saw your posting for Marina del Rey.  I didn't know about this place and I live in the bronx.  It looks real nice online.  I am planning to check it out next week.  If you don't mind me asking how's the food and pricing?
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    I lived in that area and have been to the Marina for many events... there are many photo ops at the Marina itself... Pelham Bay Park that isn't far away, only thing is on the weekend there are tons of people there BBQing and hanging out so not sure how that would work out, but maybe doing a photo shoot on the actual playground itself could be cute (not sure what you're looking for) Botanical Gardens is a great idea... the link below has a number you can call to find out about how you can take your wedding photos there and fees and such: Martime College is nearby and is one of the closest, accessible spots with a great shot of the Throggs Neck bridge in the background (not sure what you would have to do to take pictures on the grounds). 5 Islands Park in New Rochelle is gorgeous! May be out of the way but check it out. If you do a google search for "5 Islands Park New Rochelle" links will come up for it and pictures in the image section good luck
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