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Travel agency in NY for my honeymoon???HELP!!!

Hi everyone! I'm looking for a travel agency in NY, if possible specialized in South America... We would like to go to Argentina and Brazil in December but don't know any travel agency in NY since we are from Belgium and we are moving in NY in September! We could really appreciate some advices! Thank you so much!!!

Re: Travel agency in NY for my honeymoon???HELP!!!

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    I've done quite a bit of traveling and I use an online service.  They are great - really good deals and their prices are better than the cruise lines and the hotels.  I've done a couple of cruises and traveled to a few islands thru them.  You can look at their website but the good thing is you can call and speak to a "Real" person who guides you too.  
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    Thank you so much for your quick answer! I will call them this afternoon!
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    You should call WAC Travel - they are experts in Latin America - based in Manhattan and can put together a tailor-made itinerary for you - Also, they have the power to negotiate prices down for you. Some of the best itineraries are shown on their 'SALE' website: - some great photos to inspire you!! Have a wonderful time...
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