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for those of you who had their ceremony site & reception in different neighborhoods (or boroughs like me) - how did you or will you handle transportation for guests between the events? (rent a bus/give them subway directions/or suggest they cab/car service it?). not sure how to handle it as only very few people attending will NOT know what they're doing (about 20 - 25 people out of 120 + ). but it is not in budget to get the 2 full buses we'd need for all the guests and wouldnt know how to finesse just getting that 25/person mini bus (all we can afford) for the ooters. any advice is appreciated!

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    I would think most can figure it out. We did not provide transportation from the ceremony to the reception. I think if its something you can/want to do, thats great by no means is it something required. I did pocketfold invites and on the direction card, included directions from the church to the reception. HTH!
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    Our ceremony was in Bklyn and our reception was on Long Island -- people that did not have a means of transportation between the two venues skipped the ceremony and went straight to the reception.  People car-pool, take PT, etc...nothing for you to worry about on your end.While it's nice to provide transportation, it's certainly not a necessity!  Guests will get there!
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    It's important for our guests to be at both the ceremony and reception.  Most folks will have transportation but a few won't.  I don't think we'll be able to coordinate car pooling, so while everyone will be responsible to get to the ceremony on their own (which isn't a major task for NYers), we will provide transportation from the ceremony to the reception (they can get home on their own). I figure about 20 folks will need transportation, so I'll look for the least expensive, yet reliable, bus/van transport I can find.  We'll be having the ceremony in Brooklyn and most likely the reception in midtown Manhattan.
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