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did any one make there invites?

I want to make my own invites. I found a great paper supply place but i don't know if i can take small pre cut papers to a place with my template and have them printed? Any one have any experience with making there own invites?Any advice?

Re: did any one make there invites?

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    Funny you mention this because I thought I was going to do this. Then I realized I am on an airplane all the time! I am a big fan of writing a check and being done with it all. I know I may pay a bit more for invites but I will save time and stress. I have discovered time and less stress is so worth the extra $100-200. I do think it would be a fun thing to do if you had the time though. Good luck
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    I'm about to start my full on DIY of invites, but I've put together a few samples already. I'm getting everything from, and they offer to put the invitation mats on your pocketfolds for a 5 cent fee. Even doing this, I'm going to end up spending less than $400 on my invitations, including postage. They also can print them for you - send them your template and they go to town. But I'm crafty (so's my mom) so we're looking fwd to cutting away. I am going to invest in a good paper cutter and a sticker maker, though. They sell them on the website or you can find cheap ones on eBay.
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