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Sr. Flower girl, is there such a thing?

Mom and I were having a conversation about a "duty" for my 10 year old, will be 11 during the wedding, niece. Mom came up with maybe making her a Senior Flower Girl, I have heard of Junior Bridesmaids, but not this. Is there such a thing? And also, I feel she might be a little old as well, thoughts? I do want to include her in somehow.

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Re: Sr. Flower girl, is there such a thing?

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    I've never heard of that. Just make her a bm.
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    When my mom got married, she made my sister and I her only bridesmaids (it was her second wedding). Anyways, I think it would be more appropriate to have her be a Jr. BM than a Sr. FG. Also, I think she will like it better, she'll probably feel more important than a FG.
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