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When should I buy my dress?

I am trying to plan on when to get my dress for my Sept 2010 wedding. I am going to Europe for work in the early winter and I though about waiting until then and see if I can find something cute from a small boutique. I do want to start shopping and trying some on to see which STYLE of gown I would like before my trip. Do you think waiting to get a dress after January (if I don't find anything in Europe) would be too late? I am a street size 6 with an average build, so I don't think I need any special ordering. I know of a great seamstress in my hometown. How did your process go? How far out did you shop? Thank you for all of your help.

Re: When should I buy my dress?

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    I don't think waiting until January would be too late at all. I got mine at The Wedding Salon of Manhasset. They have a great selection and I worked with Sonia. She was super patient and I tried on a lot of dresses! I looked at Kleinfelds and RK Bridal in the city and didn't like either place, but it was so much more personal at the Wedding Salon. HTH!! Lucy
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    Hi! I think it's ok... I've just got mine and I'm getting married in December 2009! I had a hard time to find "the one" and finally found it at Kleinfeld, they were amazing and since I could'nt choose between two dresses and I was leaving for Europe for a couple of months the day after, they opened for me on a closed day to sleep on it! And usually, you can have your dress in 3 months (instead of 5-6) if you pay a little extra... If you are going to Paris, there are a couple of amazing small wedding shops. Go check "Delphine Manivet"! Good luck!
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    I planned in very little time.  I got the ceremony dress 3.5 months out and it was tailored very quickly.  I was in love with alencon lace and got my reception dress 3 weeks before the wedding (minor tailoring in 2 weeks!).  I was lucky and got it on eBay.  It was worth the wait though.Don't worry, your size should be easy.  Yes you should determine what you like/what looks good on you though.  It will make your search much easier.
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