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Groffs Graphics Beware and Stay Away

Hi Ladies,I just wanted to warn you guys about this place..I had a horrible horrible experience with this studio and would not recommend it all...I lost my deposit of $500 all because this lady was so incompetent she couldn't provide me with my invites on time, even though I started working with her 6-7 months prior to my wedding date.  She seems to be overloaded with work and is a nightmare to deal with...She will send you proofs 2-4 weeks after you send your change requests, she works very limited hours,  will tell you she never recieved your e-mails, closes the studio on random days and she has no customer service skills.  Trust me you do not want to deal with this studio...I usually post in the Los Angeles boards but felt it was necessary to post on the NY boards to warn you....
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