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Another dress fitting question

I didn't want to threadjack Mouse. :-) How far in advance from your weddings did you ladies start your fittings?
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Re: Another dress fitting question

  • ggmaeggmae member
    3 weeks! 1 a week until the wedding.
  • Beginning of August for a September 13th wedding.
  • I like 2 or 3 months before.  It took way longer than I thought because she had to take it in a lot.

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  • My first appt. is this Monday and our wedding date is 9/12
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  • Salt - If you end up going with Diana, call and make arrangements ASAP.  You don't have to start fitting until you want to, but Diana hurt her back a while ago, and now only takes a couple weddings per weekend, whereas before she would schedule 5-8 weddings a weekend.She will let you know when to start coming in to do fittings.  She alters dresses based on the date of the wedding, not when you get the dress to her.
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  • salt78salt78 member
    Thanks for letting me know! I will definitely get at her soon then. It was either going to be her, or someone that does alterations for my aunt's store and I wanted to get an idea of how much it was going to cost me from both.
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  • My wedding isn't until May 2010, dress should be in by January 2010, and I emailed Angie in Fairfax today about scheduling the first fitting for January.  She's super popular and reasonable and close to me so I wanted to jump on it :) 
  • That certainly is "jumping on it"

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