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Father/Daughter...Stepfather/Daughter Dance

to make a long story short...Parents have been divorced for 9 years and my father remarried and my mom has had a boyfriend for 8 years now. He's been more of a father to me then my acutaly father has been. I consider my biological father as my "sperm donor". I know its harsh but i know I'm not the only one whose had a non existant father in their life...anywho I am not having my real father walk me down the isle nor is my "step"father. I will walk myself or have my brother walk me down.I don't want to be completely rude and not have a father/daughter dance but I don't want to give my dad the satisfaction that comes with a song/dance. And I do want to dance with my mother's boyfriend cause he actually has been in my life and truely cares for me. But i don't want the real mushy songs like butterfly kisses or my little girl cause that will make my real father really upset.. but I do want Tony (moms bf) to know that I really appreciate him being there for me and give him the proper song..HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

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