Flower Girl at Bridal Shower?

Should I invite the flower girl and her mom to my bridal shower? I don't think there will be other children there and they don't really know the rest of the people who will be there. I don't want them to be uncomfortable or for the 7 year old FG to be bored. My FMIL thinks I should invite them b/c she is in the wedding but I don't know.

Re: Flower Girl at Bridal Shower?

  • Sure, if you want to.
  • I probably would, but we had kids at mine and I didn't see any problem with it.  They seemed to enjoy themselves.
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  • I invited mine.  She had fun because a cute kid around a bunch of adults is bound to get some attention.  I also invited the young daughter of another guest and the two had fun-- they basically opened all my gifts for me!  So maybe have another guest bring their daughter, if that's an option...
  • I invited my FG and 6 other kids and 3 babies.  The kids had a table in the back with coloring books and crayons.  My FG sat up front with the rest of the BMs, and she helped open all the presents.  It took some of the attention off me, and what 5 year old doesn't like to open presents?! 
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  • If you want to. Shouldn't you have some sort of relationship with her mom if you asked her child to be in your wedding? Give her the option - if she wants to bring the FG, she can, but there won't be any other children there.A friend of mine had a shower that had an adult themed game included, and a guest brought a child without telling anyone she would - she ended up leaving before the game.
  • I would and I doubt she will be bored at 7, under 5, probably would be bored.  She's probably excited about the wedding too.Unless she's one of those "pay attention to me all the time" type kids, she would have fun
  • I'm with everyone else.  She'll probably love being included at the "grown up party".
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  • if you want to then go for it.   My FG's are 4 and 5 and they are both excited for it.  They get to help unwrap presents and I think they also have a job in the one and only game that we are doing at that shower.     Its completely up to you though since it is your shower.
  • My niece/FG is super-excited for any kind of wedding related activity. She's 7 and has just hit that age where she likes to say things are "so romantic". My MOH wanted me to pick out what to serve at my shower (since I know who all has allergies and dietary restrictions). I let my niece do it and she still can't stop gushing about how it's going to be a "perfect princess day",  *gag*
  • I would invite them. The mom can decide if the FG should go or not.
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  • I had no children at my bridal shower--the youngest person was FI's sister and she's 18. I did invite my 2.5-year-old flower girl and her mom though, and they both came.
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