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Vera Wang Sample Sale

Did anyone go to the Vera Wang Sample Sale yesterday?  I went at like 5:30pm and they still had a lot of dresses.  They did not seem to have any of the brand new collection, but they actually had gowns from previous years collections.  If you did go, did you buy anything?  Anyone know what they do with all the dresses now?

Re: Vera Wang Sample Sale

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    I believe that they are donated to a charity if not sold.Their sample gowns are generally filthy so they must get them cleaned well before donating even.Even my 7 year old niece commented on how dirty they were.
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    I went. While I didn't like anything they had, the dresses seemed to be in better shape than other sample sales I've been to. Pretty boring selection though and even though most sample sales are usually DIY, they still made me deal with a hovering consultant. Annoying. I'm pretty much giving up on sample sales at this point since all the ones I've been to have been a total waste of time. It's frustrating having to pay for a brand new dress though since I fit perfectly into most samples.
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