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COLORS?!?! Ivory vs. White

Okay, so my gown is ivory. So I am thinking just simple black, ivory, with gold accents... done. (My mom is about to freak out becuase I don't have a 'color'. Do I have to choose a color??)Also our guys will be wearing black suits with gold ties... do i need to worry about the color of their shirts? Do they need to be ivory? will anyone notice if they are white, or is that the kind of thing only i would stress about?

Re: COLORS?!?! Ivory vs. White

  • Side note, that may or may not matter: BMs will be in black
  • Most shops have ivory shirts available.
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  • If it's easy to get ivory shirts I would probably go with that. If it becomes a hassle though, it's not something that anyone else will notice. My colors were black and white, with green accents, which actually ended up just being the flowers. But it all turned out great. I think your colors sound beautiful.
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  • You do not need a color.  Black, white and gold are fine.Yes, you will probably be the only one that notices what color their shirts are.  For most of the pics, they'll be wearing jackets I would guess, and the vest covers up most of the front if you go that route.  Either is fine, though I'd just go with white; ivory shirts sometimes can look dingy.
  • Haha.. I believe my first post was the same as this and I got made fun of. Just a warning. No, you don't need a colour. Black, ivory and gold will look very classy. Do what you want, not what your mom thinks you should do. I would advise against ivory shirts. They can look dingy, IMO. No one will notice the difference if you wear ivory and they wear white shirts. I had a off-white dress and H wore a white shirt. It looked fine. We also had white linens and white chairs.
  • guys should have white shirts, you wont notice, i promise. My dress was ivory and DH wore a white shirt. IMO ivory shirts don't look crisp enough.
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  • Those colors are fine - and I'd ask the men to wear white shirts.
  • A man in a tux with a white shirt is a classic in my mind a "neutral" - it goes with everything.You can see that my gown is ivory, all men's shirts are white.
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