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I love what you are doing with the name change!  I have been pushing for this since I love my last name, and my husband's last name...well, sucks.  I don't think my family would care, but we aren't sure about his.  How did your friends/family react to your decision and how did you handle it if their reaction was bad?
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    all of our friends think it is awesome and love the idea.  His family doesnt realize it yet, but I dont think they will care.  My mom thinks it is stupid.. but she doesnt care that I am doing it... she likes his last name (for whatever dumb reason). I didnt care what anyone thought.  It isnt their choice and it isnt their name, it is ours.. and the ONLY person who didnt tell me it was an amazing idea is my mom, and she has weird ideas about things, so I dont care! :) I love her, but dont need to always agree with her. Bottom line, it is your life, your new family and if you want to do it, you should!  I am so happy that my DH likes the idea and doesnt feel connected to his last name... he also really knows it was important to me that our kids will have a jewish sounding last name, since they will be raised with a jewish background. hth!  GO FOR IT! :)
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