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Wedding Dress - J. Crew Sample Sale

Hi ladies,I am an old married lady now but I just wanted to post here because I just came from the J. Crew sample sale and they had wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses.  I didn't notice the prices (sorry) but I thought you would like to know.  The only downer is that you can try anything on there so you'd be taking a chance.  But it might be worth it if you know what fits you.  Anyway, it's at 261 W. 36th St.  I hope this helps some of you out!!!!
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Re: Wedding Dress - J. Crew Sample Sale

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    Cool, do you happen to know the hours and how long the sale is going on for? Has anyone else gone yet and if so, idea on prices?  My MOH has a dress but if I can get another dress at a better price, then I may use the opportunity to change my wedding colors (though I like the idea of chocolate brown with green and ivory for the last day of May!).  :-)
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    go to for all the information
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