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Hi!! was just looking at your beautiful wedding pics again, because I remembered you changed into a short dress. My friend is looking for something similar that doesn't break the bank....If that's the case with your dress...where did you get it? thanks!!!!!

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    awww hi! thanks for the sweet compliment!i actually designed that dress and had it made in china. i had the dress cleaned and it's basically just sitting in storage taking up space. would your friend want the one i wore?? i believe it's about a size 6 but the measurements were custom to my figure... she can have it for $75 if she wants it.i live in hells kitchen and she's welcome to stop by to try it on if she's's my email: gorjush at yahoo dot com
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    thanks! sorry for the late reply...I havent been on here. I'll let my friend know. although she is super tiny. not even 5 foot and under 1oo your dress might not worj for her. Thanks!
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