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NY Knotties, help?

I was married back in 2006 and haven't been on these boards in a long time.  (Does anyone know what happened to my profile and photos?)  I actually had my wedding in wine country in California, but used several NYC vendors (photographer, dress, favors) and you guys were amazing in helping me find the perfect vendors in my budget. I'm now the maid of honor for a dear friend who is overseas, which means even though I no longer live in NYC, I have to help her do all the planning as I am the closest friend to the city.  I'm a bit out of the loop on things.  Her date depends on when she can take leave to come back but we are shooting for mid April to early May.  I'm looking for a restaurant in Manhattan that will serve a full meal (seated or buffet) in the $50 pp range- not fancy but not a chain either.  Is this even possible?  She's hoping to cut the list down to 100 people and they are willing to pay the car on consumption.  She just doesn't have the budget to pay more than this.  I'll be coming up for a few weekends in November and December to look at restaurants so if any of you helpful Knotties can give me some recommendations, I'd really appreciate it.Thanks!

Re: NY Knotties, help?

  • alisonzalisonz member
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    your profile is probably over on thenest.com now.as for the budget... $50pp is going to be really tough, especially for 100 people. I haven't come across anything in that price range, but others may be able to offer more advice/recommendations.

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    I know that seems like a low budget, but they are very laid back.  They would do barbecue or a clambake or something fun and silly.  It really doesn't have to be fancy.  If any one has suggestions, please let me know!I may suggest just dessert and champagne to her.
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    There is a fantastic BBQ place in Brooklyn called Bubbies. I think it ends up being around $90-$100 pp at the lowest. It's going to be pretty tough to have dinner for 100 people for less than that. But lunch is a great alternative and a lot cheaper. Plus, since it's afternoon you could do Sunday and save even more. I always liked this story: http://5kweddings.com/blog/tag/5k-wedding-stories/I would also suggest looking for places in some areas just outside the city-- Hudson Valley, NJ -- you'll see a really huge difference in price.
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    If you don't mind Brooklyn, and the party isn't more than 75 or so (not a big place), there's a restaurant called Farm on Adderly that's cute (exposed brick & garden in back) that has terrific food (market fresh new american - total foodie place) and is really reasonable.  Might be right around that price.  I'd check them out.
  • bearsparentsbearsparents member
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    I was in search of the same thing. And it is not easy. We have decided on a 40 person daytime wedding for family only at Frankie's 457 and then throwing a low-key casual party for our friends (70-80 people) that night. Both of those together will cost us roughly 6500. The night time part though is 2 drink tickets per person, funny cute ones I will make, and simple small food. The drink tickets are not ideal, but we couldn't afford open bar, and at least this way we can invite all of our friends instead of picking and choosing.
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