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House Rental for a Reception

Hi, My fiance and I are looking to get married on Long Island in 2011. We hope to find a house to rent for the reception. Both of us greatly dislike the traditional catering hall type venue; the drapes, the carpet, chandeliers - not for us. That's why we have thought of the idea to rent a house or at least find a place that won't have that catering hall feel. After doing some research I'm not sure if our dream is doable between the price of a house, tent rentals, porta potties etc. Is anyone renting a house for their wedding? Any tips/ideas/suggestions? THANK YOU! Cheers, Christen

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    That is a pretty expensive route to go down.  What kind of budget do you have and how many people?  Where are you looking to get married?Depending on the town where you rent this house there might be certain ordanances that prohibit you from throwing a party or think about the person who you would rent the house from, they might not want you to have a party on their lawn.  You might have to carry special insurance.But to give you some ideas from my past events:Tenting: 7-10kPortapotties (nice ones not like the ones you see at a field for a concert) 2kCatering and rentals: aprrox 200-300 per personThen you need to think about a rain plan, running electric to the tent, lighting the tent, electric to the kitchen that the caterers would need to set up, parking, permits, etc.Its not impossible but it is something to think about and if you want to be stuck with coordinating all of the logistics if it is more than a backyard bbq.Where have you looked so far?  There ar some places that don't have the catering hall feel on Long Island.  Look at the Old Field Club.  I got married there and made lamp shades to go over the chandeliers because I hated them.  You can always transform a space.
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    What about one of the wineries in the area--they don't come cheap, but might save some $$ (for instance, in port a potty rentals) and the scenery would be lovely/non-catering hallish. 
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