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Cake 911!!! Brooklyn

Hello All!My sister has decided to have an impromptu ceremony at city hall over Thanksgiving break. I want to get a small wedding cake made for her as a surprise, but I do not know and bakers in Brooklyn. Any suggestions? Thank you for your help!J Choate

Re: Cake 911!!! Brooklyn

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    Baked in Red Hook is supposed to be great. I've had other items from them which were delish, and seen the wedding cakes. I also think their prices are reasonable. Also, Lourdes Bakery (not sure where it is) is famous although not sure if they do wedding cakes.
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    i got a great cake at betty bakery on atlantic avenue for my SIL's bridal shower.
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    I'll have to look it up, but if you contact me directly, I'll send you the name (or you can try to find it on citysearch or through a Google search).  There's a bakery on Atlantic Av a few blocks past 3rd Ave (headed west) that makes wedding cakes.  I know they do some vegan stuff but can't recall if the entire bakery is vegan (probably is).  If interested, just hit me up and I'll email you the name tomorrow (or later tonight).  slbrizard at yahoo.There's also Cousin John's on 7th Ave in Park Slope - I've eaten many a dessert there and I swear by the yumminess!
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    Yup, Betty Bakery is the name - Rachel, you posted before I was done - great minds...  :-)
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    Sugar Coated - I got my groom's cake there, it was gorgeous and delish!
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    Thank you all so much! You have given me some great options! Jess
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    I don't know if you're interested, but magnolia also does cakes. You could always just find a bakery you like and ask if they make bigger cakes.
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    does it have to be in brooklyn bc Judy Lai  silk road cakes in chinatown VERY near the NYC city hall has beautiful and delicious cakes and very affordable
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    Trois Pommes Patisserie in Park SLope makes DELISH cakes.
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