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Unusual Save-the-Dates

My fiance an I are getting married this winter with just close family and friends, really intimate and small. However, the reception is going to include everybody and be rather large, but not until June of 2010. How do we word the Save-the-Dates just letting them know that the ceremony is in winter, but also telling them to save the date for June?? Also, does anybody know what proper etiquette would be for gifts in this situation? Give them the option of sending them for winter or in June? Ideas? Help! Thanks!

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    I probably wouldn't send save the dates for the winter ceremony -- just invitations (and verbal adshould suffice.  What do you mean "give them the option of sending them for winter or in June"?  People will give you presents when they want to (or not at all).  You should not be giving them options.  If your aunt asks you if you'd prefer to get your gift in December or June, by all means tell her your answer, but you should not be advertising to guests anything about your gifts.
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    The proper etiquette would be to send an announcement after your wedding that you are married but are holding a reception in the summer and then you can provide details.  You should have plenty of time from the ceremony to the June reception for save-the-dates.As to the gifts, ditto.  Gifts are never supposed to come up or be suggested by the b&g.  Folks will find out by word of mouth when you are getting married and can opt to get you a gift then or by the reception date.  If you haven't already registered, you should do if you should find later that lots of folks want to get you a gift for your winter wedding.GL.
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