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picture website Q - great big pictures

so heres the deal: i know nothing about picture sizes. i dont know how 10 MB is. but apparently its the smallest it can be made, the pictures WERE 40 cousin took some pics of us yesterday to use in our photo thingy (big 4 picture frame instead of a guestbook) and hes trying to figure out a way to get like 30 pictures to me - is there a site anyone knows of that will fit pics that big?is that even big at all? we dont want them to be smaller/crappy quality by the time i take them off whatever site he puts them on.

Re: picture website Q - great big pictures

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    Yeah 40MB is HUGE. One of you is going to have to resizse that. There are programs you can use to resize photos. I think Picasa automatically asks you how big you want it to be. There is some program I had downloaded on my PC, it was a microsoft photo risizing program, I think. I found it thru one of the build your own web site sites, maybe If anyone knows, please tell me cause I need this on my new Mac.
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    you can also crate a flickr album
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