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anyone watching hoarders on A&E?

its so interesting to see how people live like that... gives me the urge to clean, last time FI and i watched we cleaned the whole house up!

Re: anyone watching hoarders on A&E?

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    I am about to start watching it.  I am obsessed with hoarders.  It is intriguing and repulsive at the same time.  And it inspires me to continue o constantly purge.
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    I just finished watching it. I want to see the next episode with the guy who is afraid to get rid of his dog's hair. It's sad but also fascinating. The lady tonight who cared more about her stuff than her kids and didn't think she had any issues at all was awful. I felt so bad for her daughter.
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    Yes, I watched this show last night as well.  I just can't get over exactly how delusional some people are.  The one lady last night who valued her belongings moreso over her family was effin redic.  How could she not see that she was a hoarder????  She kept searching out things to keep - when it was just pure madness to keep it.  It was sickening.  I would just like to keep them away awhile, take a crew and clean up all that crap.  Let 'em deal with the aftermath.
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    Oh I love Hot Mess Monday.  Intervention followed by Hoarders.  Sometimes I think my family may have some hoarding tendancies, but nothing like that.
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    retread, that's really sad. FI is a hoarder. He keeps everything. Not food, but anything he thinks he may need later or want to keep because of sentimental reasons. We are going to purge theshit out of his house in the next few months. It's gonna hurt.
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    The only thing I hoard is books.  The book cabinets at my house are full, as are the drawers in my bedside table.  So now there are books beginning to literally line the wall in our bedroom, stacking up from the floor.  It drives Noodle crazy, but oh well.

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