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Yesterday I made a post asking if anyone had any similar experiences with re-setting a diamond to hide an inclusion. After finding out that it shouldn't be a problem, I'm wondering now if I should actually go and get it re-set. The inclusion bothers me, but I'm wondering if this is one of those things that I would be better off leaving well enough alone.I would be happier if the inclusion was hidden, but I'm worried that if I re-set the diamond the prongs will become weaker and the diamond will fall out. I have a warranty and insurance through the jewelry store, so I wouldn't have a problem replacing the diamond if it does fall out, but like I said, I'm wondering if I should even bother with all this in the first place.What would you guys do?


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    I'd leave it.  You're the only one looking close enough to see the inclusion.  even with it hidden, you still know it's there so it really doesn't change things.

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    Ditto Moose.  I'm sure no one else can see the inclusion.
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    No one has mentioned anything to me about it either. I'm the only one who has noticed it, but it still bothers me. I turned my ring around though so the inclusion isn't facing me. I don't know why it bothers me so much, you can't see it from the top of the diamond because it's under the girdle. Maybe I'll just leave it alone. I do have to go back to the jewelry store soon anyway though for my semi-annual cleaning/inspection. Maybe I'll just ask the jeweler to see if he/she thinks it's worth it.
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    honestly, I don't mean this rudely...but it makes you sound unappreciative of the gesture (the ring). I don't love the inclusion in mine...but I can tell you one thing, I love the ring. I would leave it be for now. You can always upgrade your diamond in a few years (this is our plan).
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    I know, that's why I talked to my FI about it first. Actually it was my original plan to upgrade the diamond in a couple of years too. FI actually liked this idea, and suggested I turn the original diamond into a necklace or something.
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