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Hi, Saw your question about e-pics on the other post-We actually left it up to Diana- we had to do it in PA or near her place in NJ, so Hoboken seemed like a great spot.  She actually scoped out the area with Jeff before the shoot and brought us to each place we shot.  She was soo easy to work with and really makes the whole shoot fun.I am such a fan of their work that I completely trusted her choice in places to shoot.  I would talk to her about options, but you can't go wrong with Diana or Jeff behind the camera :)  Can't wait for the wedding.  When are you getting married?If you have any other questions, you can email me at moxiekris @ or page me on the NJ board.

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    thanks kris! i'm so excited to be working with her. i saw so many photographers websites and hers was the only one that really captured the fun and warmth in the celebrations. i would definitely trust their judgment on locations to shoot. i especially like the stopping in at a bar. our wedding is in june so we definitely have time to sort it all out!
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