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We had such a great day and such a wonderful time at our wedding. We were so happy with how everything went, all the stress of the weeks leading up to the wedding was well worth it!BATTERY GARDENS: A+When DH (the FI) and I walked into Battery Gardens, we knew immediately that we wanted to have our reception there. The views are amazing, we loved the layout and we loved the outdoor space. We worked with Alex, the catering manager, from the beginning. He was always very warm and was so accomodating and never hesitated to provide us with anything that we asked for. He always returned calls and emails very promptly and was such a pleasure to work with.The food was absolutely amazing. We ate there twice before our reception and loved the food. We also had a 4 course tasting about a month before our reception to choose our menu and we couldn't have been happier. Alex was such a great host that night and it only served to make us even more excited for our day.Things could not have gone better on the day of the reception, some guests arrived at the reception a good 30 minutes before we were scheduled to start and Alex did not hesitate to let them in early and opened the bar at no additional cost to us. When DH and I arrived, Alex introduced us to Eddie, our maitre d' for the evening. They both really went out of their way to make sure that we had everything we could have possibly wanted fo the evening. We used the entire downstairs for our cocktail hour and it was so nice to be able to move around freely and not have people packed in. The food was absolute amazing; we had several stations and 8 passed hors d' oevres and our guests just raved about the food. My favorite were the baby lamb chops!We then went upstairs for dinner. The service was impeccable. My guests could not stop talking about how attentive the waitstaff was and how much they enjoyed the food. We had filet mignon and sea bass as our main entrees and both were amazing. The filet was huge and perfectly cooked and DH and I both agreed that the food even more delicious than when we had gone for our tasting.Alex and Eddie were both so instrumental in making sure that the evening was a success, they both made sure that things went smoothly and worked with the DJ to ensure that introductions, etc went according to plan.Alex and his Battery Gardens staff went above and beyond to ensure that we had a wonderful day- from the beginning to the end, they demonstrated exemplary customer service. Their service was on a level that I find you rarely see anymore.From day one, we knew we wanted an elegant and beauiful affair, and Alex and everyone at Battery Gardens made sure that our vision was realized and greatly contributed to the overwhelming success and happiness of our day!!To be Continued!


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    Congrats.  I've heard good things about BG and, potentially, wanted to have my wedding there.  I didn't bother going in because I was told I needed a minimum for the our date and there wasn't any way I could guarantee that.  But I found a place I loved that most folks aren't keen on yet, so in the end it worked out.  Look forward to hearing about your other vendors.
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    Thanks for the reviews!  Glad to hear that everything was great for you!  I am getting married in May and working with Alex!  :-)
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