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Quaker Marriage Certificate?

also posted on DIY, but no responses as of yet... Has anyone done one of these in place of their guestbook? I thought it was a pretty meaningful idea and creative as well. Do you think it will work for approximately 100 guests? I was thinking of framing it when we are done, possibky with a small pic and then displaying. If you have, did anyone make their own? Can anyone offer any advice?

Re: Quaker Marriage Certificate?

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    Huh? I'm confused. How does a quaker marriage certificate replace a guestbook? I guess I don't know what one is.
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    I googled it. It says that at a Quaker ceremony, every guest is a witness to the marriage, so everyone signs a piece of paper. I think it would be much nicer than a guest book, escpeically if you could frame it. One for 100 people would probably be fine. I'm not sure everone would us a different line. You will probably have couples and families signing together.
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    I love this idea- I only wished you'd asked about this three weeks ago. :)
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    Sorry Solstar! Yes, everyone signs a piece of paper- that is supposed to list your vows (or something similar).  Everyone (or sometimes families together) sign it as a witnes to your marriage and that they support you in your decision to marry.  Some of them are very beautiful, on parchment, etc. but they are expensive!!!!  I was thinking I might be able to make my own and make it look old????? 
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    I think this idea is beautiful and I think I might be able to help;Will you be printing (from a computer) directly on the paper? If you you could always dye the paper in tea to give it the old look that they might have. Dyed paper easily goes through printers and with a certain type of font you might be able to ahieve the look you are going for. Just make sure the paper is totally dry and as flat as possible. If you're really in a making it look old mood you could also burn the edges of the paper after the printing.  
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