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I am a giant weenie

Ran into a friend the night before last at the bar downtown for the first time in, like, 8 months. We used to be fairly good friends (back when I was heavy on the club scene, we'd see each other at least twice a week at the clubs) but now I don't see him much at all anymore. Definatly wasn't planning on sending an invite to the wedding. Anyways, he heard I was getting married, offered congrats, and informed me that he better be getting an invitation. And as taken aback as I was, my response was "Yeah, sure!" Damnit. Yet another name to add to the list. Nugget = big giant weenie.

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Re: I am a giant weenie

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    You could always pretend you forgot or say the "yeah, sure!" was sarcasm.
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    I'm standing right there with you, Nugget Baby. My guest list is atrocious, and there's nothing I can do about it, because it's FILs. FI won't stand up to them and make them trim their list, and is instead letting them add people! I'm so mad. I'm about to wash my hands of this entire fiasco and let them plan for it AND pay for it. I'd like to tell you to hang in there and that it gets better, but that would be a lie, so just hang in there, OK?
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    Oh I hate it when people do that. They have no idea how much another person (or probably 2!) adds up. Since my wedding is so far away I have taken to telling people who say they expect an invite that its so far away and currently we are thinking of family only etc. It genereally works, but there are some people who say "oh well I better still be there etc..."*Sigh*
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    Hah. I was just reading an article on that advocates for keeping a list of cliches in your back pocket for the times when you get jumped with questions like this. Something like "You know, we're taking things slow, so we haven't even started to think about invitations yet." Here's the article - [url]<a href="" rel='nofollow'></a>[/url]
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    That sucks...saying no to people is tough. Just the other day, for instance, FSIL (21 days before the wedding) asked if her son's godmother could come to the wedding.  We don't know this lady, she's not on the guest list, RSVP's were due Aug. 31st.  Godmother is using son as the excuse to want to go to his birthday party already or something, if you want to see him.  Um, no.  But, it was still hard to say no to his sister (not the random stranger). Anyway, saying no to these folks doesn't get any easier (even when you don't know them).  Next time just think about how big you do (or don't) want your guest list to be before you commit.  Have a line ready to go-- "We are keeping it small" or when it gets closer, "we have already submitted our numbers."  Bec is right, it won't get better, but it will be okay.  
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    As many rules as I know this is breaking, if you haven't seen him in 8 months what are the chances of you seeing him again before/after the wedding? I would just say don't send the invite and he'll get over it (and if not, is it that big of a loss?)
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    What is wrong with people??? Is the fact that weddings are ridiculously expensive a secret that only brides know??? Just this weekend, my brother demanded that I invite his childhood friend's parents, and before I could even start to say no, my aunt was like, "Of course, you will get to invite some people to your sister's wedding." Sorry for the rant, I would just *forget* to send the invite to him. If you haven't seen him in 8 months, you might now see him for a while, esp. since summer is almost over, and people go out less when it's cold.
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