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Say Yes to the Dress

Anyone watching right now?  If one more bride comes on and says she is on a budget and thus can *only* spend $3K I am going to throw something at my TV.

Re: Say Yes to the Dress

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    I want to stab this chick. wtf.
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    I am not watching but I am butting in to say I am DYING laughing over some of these badges... big booty bride is def my fav :) they are all so good though!
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    I don't like the sweet 16 idea, but I can't stand her mom either. I was terrified that my mom was going to be like her. Thankfully she loved the dress that I had already picked out.
    "In the old days my ass would be in your back yard picking cotton, so excuse me if I don't put much stock in how f*cking awesome the old days were." -Nuggs
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    Just for the record, I love Keisha - but damn, that girl needs a better weave! I just want to comb it, brush it, somethin'.
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