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no wedding party?

I was talking to FI about this and I suggested that we do no wedding party.  Most of our closest friends do not live in the same area that we do and to be honest, I don't see  the big deal about having bridesmaids and groomsmen except to showcase our colors.  I'm on a tight budget and I think I can cut out some costs by eliminating an official wedding party.  I thought we could just include our parents and siblings for that instead.  Any thoughts or suggestions?

Re: no wedding party?

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    We had no BP. The officiant and FI came out together. Then I entered and walked right down there by myself to get married. I thought it was a real statement of independence, that I was no one's property, and that I had made this decision to get married and I was walking right down there to the ceremony. Our mothers were the two wedding witnesses who signed the wedding certificate. They were tickled when I asked them to do that... Sure, no BP isn't right for everyone. It was really right for us and I don't regret that decision at all.
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