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My DH has been unemployed since he graduated with his Masters degree in May. He's been actively searching for a job since January. He's done many applications for anything in our city that could 'work'. He's had one phone interview - and the guy ended up not even having full time work available like the posting had stated. (obviously, it didn't work out... he didn't even get an offer). He's starting to show signs of depression. I know he hates being at home. He feels like he spent extra time and money doing more school - to leave him nothing. He's hardly sleeping at all at night. When he does sleep - he tosses and turns and keeps me up too. All in all, I'm just worried about his mental health as a whole. I feel like this unhappiness will leave when he gets a job... I just don't know what to do for him. I've asked him if he's interested in going to the Dr. for his sleeping issues - and he's not. I guess I'm not looking for answers... I just need to type it out and get it out of my head. It's horrible to see the man you love struggling. His "big plans" didn't work out. I know that's part of being an adult - but that doesn't make it any easier to witness. :(

Re: depression.

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    a job, any job, will get him out of the house and occupied.things will get better....looks like it will just take some time.  meanwhile, whether it's micky d's or walmart or will help
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