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Baby Found In Storm Drain- he's alive and fine you kidding me? Why not just go to the hospital in the first place where the baby would have been safe and sound, and then give the baby up for adoption since you clearly shouldn't be procreating. This is why I believe that some people should be sterilized. If you can put your baby in a storm drain, you shouldn't be allowed to have more kids ever.  

Re: Baby Found In Storm Drain- he's alive and fine

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    People are sick. I bet Blue Sausage would approve of their tactics.
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    If you can put your baby in a storm drain, you shouldn't be allowed to have more kids everI completely agree.  With safe haven places you can leave your child, no questions asked.  If a person chooses a storm drain, their baby card should be revoked.
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    Agreed. WTF. These stories piss me off. Go to the hospital, call a suport center, this is a living child, he doesn't belong in a damn drain. Ugh!
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    that poor baby never asked for her to be his mother. what a piece of sh$t parent team.
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    Both of these people need to go to jail for a long, long time.  And yes, they should be steralized.  I just don't get it.
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    What ever happened to leaving the baby in a basket on someones doorstep? Why dont people do THAT anymore, if they have to be irresponsible a-holes who dont know how to use birth control.
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    I just can't understand why someone would do that? Even if you really don't give a flip about the baby, what about your own sense of self-preservation? Leaving baby in drain = going to trial, prision, and being defamed as a baby-killer (deservedly-so). Leaving baby at Safe Haven = you move on with your life. And how can you really be so hateful towards the child you gave birth to? Fire department, hospital, police station = places you can leave the baby with no questions asked. The end result is the same to you - you got rid of the baby - but you did it in a humane way... Sorry about the rant, but I really hate people who do this.
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    At least they're both over 18 and can be tried as adults.  FWIW - anyone stupid enough to rob a hamburger stand should have been sterilized before he could have procreated.
    Holy Crap. We survived the first year!
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