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Gratuity increase - is this right?

Ok so we are getting married in just about 3 weeks...10/10/09!We booked our venue last year, signed a contract for the prices of food, room rental, etc.We got our estimate from the venue and their gratuity went from 15% to 17%.  We kept the contracted prices per plate, etc from 2008 so why would the gratuity go up?  I asked and the banquet manager stated that taxes and gratuity went up effective January 2009.  I understand taxes going up, out of their control, but gratuity is all should I press the issue or not?  It's only 2% but that is money I think might be unfairly charged to us. What do you think??  TIA

Re: Gratuity increase - is this right?

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    Speaking as a bride, who is also a restaurant manager in Maryland if your contract says that there is a 15% gratuity it should not be able to be increased, even if prices are. Prices and gratuity are treated differently under the law in most states. Also, in most states it is illegal to force a guest to pay gratuity. If it is worded as service charge than you are eligible for that price to increase, if it's worded as gratuity you should not be.
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