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Where to Wed?

My fiance and I got pretty excited about a Vegas wedding and have everything figured out. I told my mom we wanted to go to Vegas instead of having it in Phoenix and she got really upset. She "reminded" me that her, my grandmother and one of my aunts each have knee problems and making them travel to another city would be really inconvenient for them. She also complained that we would have fewer people to help out with my young (11, 9 & 8) adopted brothers and sister. She was also upset that the family members from Phoenix would all incur hotel and travel costs and the OOT would have hotel costs now.

I really wanted to get married in Vegas and it would be about 1/2 the cost of even a small wedding in Phoenix because everything is streamlined in Vegas... but now I feel like a jerk if I go ahead with the plan. I'm frustrated to the point of eloping but my fiance still wants to have an actual wedding in Vegas like we planned. Is there a compromise I'm not seeing? We are looking at a March 2012 wedding. We are in our 30s and paying for everything ourselves but don't want to exclude anyone because of what is easiest for us.
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