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Anyone see last night's episode? SPOILER AHEADThat scene with Roger in the office with the guys after the incident had me laughing out loud for a while. "Somewhere in this business, this has happened before."His delivery during that scene plus the one with Cooper with the chocolate pudding and the one in the board room during the presentation were just priceless
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Re: Mad Men

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    Last night's episode was pure awesomeness. It's the first one this season where I thought, "Now THIS is Mad Men!"  
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    I died laughing over, "Just when he got his foot in the door..."I agree Bec, I feel like they were almost going tooooo artsy with some of the scenes in this season and they were missing the witty dialogue that makes the show so enthralling. I was really excited to finally see something come full circle in that Mr. Hilton was the guy at the bar. I still want to see more for Peggy and more for Joan too. Joan has so much to offer and needs to steer clear of her super lame rapist husband.
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    I was getting a little bored too, which is sad since FI just talked me into watching it...and then that scene happened. FI was practically rolling on the floor at "Christ, it looks like Iwo Jima out there!"
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