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Hi ladies,

I got married two years ago and depended on these messages boards quite a bit!  Now I'm back because I'm planning my friend's batchelorette party in NYC and need some tips and suggestions.

Does anyone have any good ideas for some "out of the box" batchelorette party events?  We have people flying in from all over the country and I want to provide some day and night activities. 

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

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    You could take introductory classes at S Factor - lots of fun with just the girls!
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    A friend of mine had a karaoke bachelorette party that was a blast. If you're looking for day time fun, mani/pedis are always an option. I also just heard about this scavenger hunt type of thing called Accomplice. It's a three hour game that you play with a large group. The cast of the "show" leads you through a neighborhood with different clues. It includes stops for drinks and snacks. My friend went with a jaded NYC crew and they just loved it. Here's the link:
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    my girls took me to lucky chengs for dinner and a drag show, then we went to hunkomania strip club then we went to a gay club which was so much fun!
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