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Wedding Onstage; Plain Black Backdrop

I'm getting married in a gorgeous 1920s theatre hall onstage.  Everything about it is perfect, save one detail : the standard backdrop they put up for weddings is a stark black curtain.  Here my concerns are twofold:

1. Oh God, the groomsmens' tuxes will disappear into the curtain and they'll all look like floating heads.

2. What on earth do I do with all that stage space?  There will be eleven people total onstage (eight in the bridal party, bride + groom, and the officiant).  I'm worried there may be too much dead space, or that we'll simply look out of place up there on an undecorated stage.  Yet I don't wish to compete with the rest of the theatre.  (We won't know for sure until the rehearsal how much space the party occupies up there.)

Do you creative ladies have any suggestions on either point?  Laughing
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Re: Wedding Onstage; Plain Black Backdrop

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