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Who do we tip?

Hey-  So we have an officiant, a photographer and a singer with a pianist that we have hired for the wedding. The photographer works for a small group of photographer under one main guy. The officiant, pianist and singer all work independently and are not associated with a company of any kind. Basically the money they make all goes into their pocket. Are we suppose to tip any of them??? If so how much??

Re: Who do we tip?

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    I will probably be tipping the hairstylist and the DJ.  The DJ is a friend of FI's family and is doing our wedding for free, so FI's MIL was planning on giving him a large tip as a thank you.  I always tip my hairstylist if she does a good job, and I'm especially doing it since she will be coming to our hotel to do everyone's hair.  I'm not tipping our pastor, but I am planning to make a donation to the church.
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