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We are having a Jewish ceremony and many of our guests are not Jewish and have never been to a Jewish wedding.  I'm working on the program and explanations for the rituals and customs, but how much is too much?  As a guest how much do you REALLY want to know?Should I include an English translation of his Hebrew vows? (even though he will say them in English too)Also, is it weird to have a program and not list out all the songs and just the name of the musicians? 

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    Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Breaking the glass has a lot of interpretations.  Remembering the destruction of the temple and recalling sorrow of the past.  Also symbolizes the fragility of human relationships and the need for the couple to care for a preserve their marriage.  A broken glass cannot be mended; likewise the commitment of marriage is irrevocable.  It is a transforming experience that leaves indiiduals forever changed.Index finger: the belief that the index finger has a vein that runs directly to the heart.  it is the finger of acquisition.
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    sure whats your email?
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    buks0008@umn.eduThanks so much
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    I agree, as a gentile, I would appreciate knowing the background of some of the things you are doing. It would help me appreciate the significance more.Not a big long thing but at least an explanation of the chuppah (and why, if anyone, is holding it), etc.
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    thank you!  It's similar to what I have, so I must not be too off. :)
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