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Litter box question for the cat people.

Sorry, I'm post-whorin' it up this morning.Lately we've noticed the litter box has an incredibly strong ammonia smell.  We scoop it every day, and clean it out completely (dump the litter and bleach the box) about once a week.  We only have one cat.  She hasn't seemed to have any bathroom, eating, or drinking issues.  Is this something we should call the vet about?  It has been really humid lately, which has affected the clumping ability of the litter a little bit, could it just be because of that?

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Re: Litter box question for the cat people.

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    I have noticed high humidity can make the ammonia smell more obvious.  During the winter I rarely ever smell the box.  I would watch the cat closely for now if the laying in litter is new.  Some cats do it for comfort when something is wrong or has changed.
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    We had the same problem happen with our 2 kitties recently. We tried putting baking powder in and it helped, but didn't completely go away. We ended up switching our brand of litter from Tidy Cats to Swheat Scoop. It's more expensive but definitely did the trick. Here's a link: luck!
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    As long as you haven't changed her diet, it should be simply a case of the litter, maybe try a different brand.  We have 2 indoor cats & they have 2 boxes (for some reason they do #1 in one box & #2 in the other... lol).  We use Arm&Hammer for multi cat houses & the 'clumping' formula without any problems :) Oh, danieliza1127, our 'baby' will use the box as I'm trying to clean/scoop it out...  yeah, he thinks he's helping :)
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    Sorry everyone for the bold print, I did correct it when I was typiing so it would go to regular but it posted as bold.  This has happened on posts for other topics also so again, my appologies for both that and my poor spelling :(
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