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I know you've been  here awhile.  But, I think you're pretty awesome and I have not quizzed you yet.Where ya from?  whatcha doing today?  what do you do for work?  age?  fi's name?  do you like pizza?  i like pizza.  favorite toppings?  favorite kind of beer?  do you drink a lot of water in a day?  about how many times do you think you pee a day?  i have killer heartburn and the antacids in the first aid kit suck.  where would you move to if you could move anywhere?  how do you feel about obama?  favorite sport?  do you like boardgames?  do you have a favorite watering hole that you frequent a lot?  do you like green peppers.  i don't.  i eat them in a lot of things to get some nutrition and they're easy to cook with.  but i do not like them.  do you drive?  what kind of vehicle?  if you could change one flaw in the world, what would it be?  if you could change one thing about your fi what would it be? 

"It's shart week." -georgiabride
"This post is seriously retarded." -Stackeye210
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