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You've got to be kidding me!!!

So, you've seen some posts about ridiculous brides who are upset because their BMs are not devoting every single second to their "duties", posts about 18 years olds with no jobs that live with their parents that want to get married, and all sorts of crazy stuff that makes you this stuff real???Well, I was in for my last fitting on Monday in PA and what I heard blew my mind!  I was up at the counter squaring things away and this woman says, "I actually ordered my bridal gown here."  The saleswoman said, "Oh, I thought your name looked familiar, when is your wedding?"  Just when I thought the woman would start gushing about her upcoming wedding she says, "Oh, we're not engaged..."  She then said something about working things out and that they were never engaged.Why the heck would you purchase a dress if you were not engaged?  That just sounds so crazy.  Not only is she assuming that her BF is going to propose (which is a huge leap), but even if you ignore that, how do you know that you are still going to like that style/size when he finally does propose...possibly years later.  I would never assume that my fiance was going to propose...and I would never put that kind of pressure on him..."Honey, you better propose because I already bought my wedding dress."Crazy women make me laugh!  Hopefully it brought a smile to your day too!

Re: You've got to be kidding me!!!

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    When I was shopping, one of my friends fell in love with a sample.  The saleslady convinced her to try it on, it looked amazing on her, and she came thisclose to buying it because it was such a ridiculously good price.She's single.  The saleslady said that she's seen a number of single girls buy dresses during sample sales, but my friend said it would just make her too impatient to get married.
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    I work in a stationery shop and I have this one BSC customer that wants to order wedding invitations...but she doesn't even have a boyfriend. She says she wants to "pre-order" because she's getting married next year, "God willing." I convinced her not to, because we don't do refunds. She also swears she's starting her own business, but then applies in my store every couple of weeks.

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