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Is it just me

or were there an inordinate amount of whackjobs around today? My brain hurts from trying to keep up. What's everyone doing tonight?

Re: Is it just me

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    Yes - where did all those people come from?  Geez.Spin class at 6, then home to snuggle with DH because it's cold and snowing.
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    cew, I love trivia! My lame work schedule won't let me do it on a regular basis, though. boo.and yes, there was a lot of crazy around today. I've floated in and out since I've been home bored all day, but I just mostly decided to stay away. I'm allergic to crazy.
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    We need to start an online trivia club. It could be our first step to world domination. LesPaul - snowing already? Kinda jealous.
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    Holy busy day around here apparently.  I missed everything because of work :-(  I had the lala/E thread up when I left this morning, and lost it when the laptop froze up and had to restart.  This'll be a busy night of catchup.
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    Chicken and dumplings are my dad's favorite food. Too bad he does all the cooking in his house and never makes it for himself. I have a kickball game tonight. Against our arch rivals! or at least as arch as rivals can be in an adult extracurricular kickball league where a key element is going to the bar afterward.
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    Yep, cew- our first snow of the season.  Not much in town, but there's a nice accumulation in the foothills.  It will probably melt over the weekend, though. 
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